Holy Ground of Orthodox Africa

December 10, 2017

How difficult is it to be a missionary? Can you imagine how hard it is for one man, Father Christopher Walusimbi, to have labored for 34 years to build his Temple to the Annunciation? Alone, cold, hot, tired, hungry—often what we would consider a strict fast is what Orthodox Christians in Africa ordinarily would call a full meal.

How hard is it for a 70 year old priest to walk up a 300 foot hill with a 40 horsepower engine on his shoulder?

“I am tired,” he told me. “I am so grateful for your prayers.”

He is having major leaking problems with the dome of the Church and on it goes. “We need a lot to repair the Cupola!”

Recently, through the generosity of Orthodox Africa, Father Christopher received a new 40 horsepower engine. Because one of the passengers was transporting a smaller than regulation size fish, the soldiers took his engine for which he had to pay a substantial bribe and then stole his propellers. Father slept on the ground!!!

It might be hard for us to understand, but two props are worth about $200.00 which is double a yearly income for an impoverished fisherman.

Are you a builder? Could you turn a 20-foot steel container into a guest house?  Are you wealthy? Could you buy and ship a small portable house from China to Bukasa Island? This would allow Father’s parish to be pretty much self-sustaining.

At the very minimum, we can all pray; but surely being just weeks away from Holy Nativity, we might think of that Godly Priest sleeping on the ground, the Holy Ground of Orthodox Africa.

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