A dream – a working life

July 23, 2017

What began as a dream to build a school, clinic, and church on Lake Victoria’s Bukasa Island, has turned into a lifetime of hard work for Father Christopher Walusimbi, the builder of the stone Annunciation Orthodox Church.
“My brother,” he told me, three years ago at my youngest daughter’s wedding, “ you have put me in prison,” he said referring to his commitment to build an Orthodox community on the most pagan island in Lake Victoria.
With prayer, his community grows. Yet despite his serious efforts at being self-sustaining by growing oranges and running a small store, as well as operating a transport service which includes emergency trips across forty miles of fierce water to a hospital on Uganda’s mainland, despite all this, he needs our help. The boat needs repairs and the 40 horsepower outboard motor needs replacing with a new one. “Now I am borrowing someone’s engine, but they are not happy with it.”
Only recently with Father Silouan’s trip to Bukasa Island has Father Christopher obtained a smart phone, so now communication will be a lot easier.
In the thirty years since I started that mission, Father Christopher has done a hundred times more work than I ever did—you can read all about this at my website,”tearsontheequator.com”. If you are so moved by the sample chapters, you may purchase an e-book or paper copy of Tears On the Equator.

Orthodox Africa has committed to helping Annunciation Orthodox Church. In addition to reading about it in the book mentioned above, more information can be found here.

Prayer and financial support will allow him to preach the Gospel and continue his works of mercy across the Lake. Keep Father Christopher and Annunciation Bukasa in your serious heartfelt prayers.
Plan a pilgrimage to Bukasa Island. The Church needs skilled workers such as carpenters, masons, and iconographers. Most of all, such a pilgrimage requires humility so that you, the pilgrim, can acquire all the benefits of the spiritual life. You will learn much more by visiting the house which faith has built.
To donate to Annunciation Orthodox Church, visit our Donate Now! page or click here. Clearly mark your donation “Annunciation O.C.”
~Gerasimos Kambites
The video below will give you a first hand view of this beautifully built church and Fr. Christopher.

Annunciation Orthodox Church