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Did you do a double-take when you landed on our page today? We have updated the website and our logo! "Why did you do that?” you may ask. We are glad you asked! Orthodox Africa has decided that a new look and a new logo that better represents our vision of growth and self-sustainable enterprise for the Orthodox Christian missions we represent and serve was in order. Orthodox Africa has grown in great leaps and bounds since its inception. When we began this adventure, we had no real idea just how difficult, miraculous, paradigm-shifting, and taxing this journey would be for all of us participating both as individuals and as a group. We have both welcomed and bid farewell to people along the way. There is no lasting growth without pain or change. That is just a fact of life in every aspect.

We have had our fair share of pain as well as joyful times in Orthodox Africa. Sometimes they occurred at the same time. For example, when we lost our dear friend, his Grace Bishop Athanasius of blessed memory, we were all stunned and grief-stricken; but we also do not "grieve as those with no hope” we rejoice in the hope of his presence with the Lord. Our new logo features an acacia tree, a highly adaptable and vital part of the ecosystem of many parts of Africa. We chose it to represent the strong roots planted for Orthodox Africa in the soil of Gods' vision for us and the strong upward growth toward the Son of God. Africa is covered by the cross, its sealing and salvation, as it is for us all. The sunrise behind points to the dawn of new life and resurrection of both Christ and the spirit of an Africa facing the future with the light of hope.

This is an Africa that stretches up toward the life-giving wisdom, help, and love of Christ the Redeemer. Let us face it. There is a lot of symbolism here. Maybe you see your hope in this logo. Maybe you see promise and a chance to participate in the growth of the people of God? Service and giving to others are central to our faith and our wellness as human beings whether you are an Orthodox Christian or not. We pray that you are inspired today through the renewing of our vision of self-sustainable enterprise and growth for the Orthodox Christian Missions we serve and the life-giving remembrance and love of the Son of God who dawns on us all with hope. Thank you for partnering with us and remembering us all in your prayers!