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St. Peter Orphanage and School - May 6th, 2020

The project that Father Johnson Otara Hezekiah and Pappadhia Irene Moraa started with the blessing of Bishop Athanasius Akunda of blessed memory is beginning to bear fruit! Following pastoral visits, fourteen orphans and their guardians began to visit St. Peter Orthodox Church. The small community were in support of the philanthropic ministry that the parish was beginning to conduct. Fr. Hezekiah and Pappadhia Irene started a feeding program from their own small garden and church members started providing food and clothes to the children. Since the beginning of the feeding program, six children became full-time boarders. A small dormitory was built, along with an administration building. Due to lack of bedding, the remaining eight children do not board at St. Peter's but is fed through the feeding program. Recently, crops of corn and beans were planted. The seedlings have germinated and are growing well. This is indeed a blessing and with God’s mercy, they will grow strong and be able to sustain the feeding program.

Following the goal of Orthodox Africa to become a self-sustaining mission, Fr. Hezekiah and Pappadhia determined that owning cows for milking and calving would be the best start to achieving self-sustainability. Through the support of Orthodox Africa donors and the local church, a small parcel of land, enough for two cows was purchased. Grass for the cows to feed on will be planted on the newly acquired land and a structure for the cows to be housed is partially built. Once it is completed; another cow will be able to be purchased. Step-by-step, St. Peter Orphanage and School are walking the road to self-sustainability. This has been possible only through the generosity and love of Orthodox Africa donors all across the world!

Recently Father Hezekiah held a “Mothers Seminar.” It was organized for all the churches in Kisii to teach them about self-reliance and the importance of giving offerings to the church. Please keep Pappadhia Irene’s mother in your prayers. She continues to be in the hospital with liver illness and is undertaking medication for the problem. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, rain comes to water the crops, laughter is heard as the children play and learn. Through His prophet Malachi, God said, “I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in!” Thank you, dear Orthodox Africa donors, for all of your support, both spiritual and financial. Without them Father Hezekiah, Pappadhia Irene, and the faithful of St. Peter Orthodox Church would not be able to do the work of the Lord!