The “Chicken Project” & a Birthday

January 28, 2019

By God’s Grace and Mercy, life on Bukasa Island, Uganda has been quite busy. 

January 12 Father Christopher celebrated his 71st birthday!  May God grant you many more blessed years!   Like us all, despite struggles and periodic illnesses, both Father Christopher and Matushka remain in good health “I am tired,” he said “I am so grateful for your prayers.”  It is only through your faithful prayers that they both continue to labor in the vineyard that is Annunciation Orthodox Church.

The “Chicken Project” continues to move forward with 300 birds arriving to the Island.  Layers and broilers, as well as pigs provide a modest income.  [See story The Struggle is Real ]  Annunciation Orthodox Church parishioners and neighbors won’t have to travel so far to purchase staples for their cupboards.  The chickens are temporarily sheltered in this building.  Father Christopher’s son, Ntege Nicholas is making concrete bricks which will be used to erect improved structures for the chickens. 

So far Ntege Nicholas has molded 450 blocks (15 bags of cement yields 30 blocks of concrete.  Father Christopher said, “We have already purchased 7 trips of sand.  Each trip costs shs. 90,000$ Ugandan ($24.30 USD).  We still have 2 trips of sand and 5 bags of cement to get.  Progress might be slow, but [it is] real.”  To us $24.30 seems like nothing – after all, you can buy two adult movie tickets for $27.00 and not blink twice! And that doesn’t include a trip to the concession stand!  By the end of January they hope to have over 1000 blocks molded.  Construction of the coops can then begin.

As Christians we know the devil is in the details.  At Annunciation Orthodox Church, life is no different in that aspect.  The tractor used to haul things around is broken.  “We need a lot of money to repair [it].  We just hire a track to get us sound plus.” according to Father Christopher. “We have collected a lot of stones for the foundation. Soon we are starting the foundation. Soon or later we are gonna show the improvement. [By] your holy prayers.”

Isn’t it always the way – two steps forward, three steps back?  No sooner than you get really going at a good clip on whatever project is in front of you, something happens to set you back.  What do we do?  We turn to God in frustration and sadness, beseeching His help to solve the problem and help us find a way.  Always, He does.  He will for Father Christopher, Mathuska, the good people of Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church and their neighbors.

Donors are welcome to send their support to benefit Annunciation Orthodox Church by clicking here.  As always, your prayers for Father Christopher, his family and the faithful of Annunciation Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island are vital to this ministry in the Pearl of Africa.

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