October 6, 2019

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting Saint Tabitha
Orphanage and School from the time we relocated from Kibera Slums to this beautiful place. May
God bless you, abundantly! We are also happy to report that our school has been certified by the
Ministry of Education so that our students can take the grade three exams next month.
I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you our progress. We have been renting
the children dormitories and school buildings since the time we moved to this wonderful area of
Butali. Renting these buildings has been an enormous expense and difficult to meet each month.
It is only because of God’s grace and your generosity that we have been able to make ends meet.

Through the blessing of our late Bishop, His Grace Athanasius, we bought land and started
constructing a three-bedroom house to shelter the children. We now have more children than this
new house can protect. Glory to God!

Through the support of Orthodox Africa, we have paid off the land and registered the title
under the name of St. Tabitha Community Centre. As-per the requirements of the Ministry of
Education in Kenya, which is a huge milestone and marks an exciting period of growth for Saint
Tabitha. Now we are taking steps to make sure we can expand our ability to house and educate
all the children God continues to send us.

We have a three-prong approach to doing so:
1. Finish building the new house by this December to reduce the rent spent on dormitories. The
estimated cost for this is $7,500.00.
2. Build a temporary schoolhouse with furnishings to reduce the amount of rent we pay for
classrooms. The estimated cost for this structure is $5,500.00. To construct this schoolhouse, we
will need to purchase two more acres, which will cost about $1,800.
3. Build a larger structure on the property to support future growth and to avoid having to pay rent
in the future. The new building will provide housing and classrooms for more than two hundred
children. The estimated cost to complete this work is $450,000.

For the last three years, Orthodox Africa has faithfully supported our mission. I am therefore
kindly requesting donations through Orthodox Africa to help raise this money so that our dreams
for the children can come true.

On behalf of all the children who are under my care, I thank you very much. May God bless
Orthodox Africa and all those whose generosity will make this happen!
Father Agapios Lipesa

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