Orthodox Africa Mission 2018 Update Two Week One

June 15, 2018

Kenyawa, Kenya – 1stWeek

June 14, 2018

After being here almost a week, I can say this has to be one of the hardest, but truly delightful, experiences of my life.  The poverty is so rampant that I couldn’t sleep thinking about it and not having heat in my hotel.  Shivering and thinking of the orphans in their very humble tin shed and wondering if they were okay.  However, the humility of the people here is astounding.  In my unworthy opinion, I am beginning to believe that the Kenyan people are the most joyful and heartfelt people I have ever met.

The widespread poverty is so evident that you can see it clearly here in South Kinangop, which is 120+km west of Nairobi.  There does not seem to be a separation of class (between rich and poor) here.  It is a united way of trying to survive together.

This area of Kenya is very Christian and mostly Protestant.  And some of the local people are blown away by the depth and the knowledge of the Orthodox Church.  The children in the orphanages and our Orthodox Mission Centers have become very solid in the Faith.  And in the words of Father Constantinos (Director, Saint Irene’s Mission Center) “Those who have been baptized are helping to spread Orthodoxy in the beautiful country.”  [That] is because of our generous donors, who are helping to make a real difference in this third world country.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Orthodox Africa is affecting a change here; some of the accomplishments, as well as some of the future projects that will, in time, help them to become self-sustaining.

Assistant Director, Paul Neustrom