Moving Forward

July 18, 2019

 By the Grace of God and under the pastoral care of Father Johnson Otara Hezekiah and Papadhia Irene Moraa, Saint Peter Rigina Orphanage and School has taken small steps of growth in these past 18 months. Truly the blessings given only a short time ago, by the now reposed Bishop Athanasius Akunda, have taken fruit as he prays for his missions in heaven! 

Fourteen (14) orphan children are being fed, clothed and educated in the church itself with various members as caregivers. This is no small task with many great challenges. 

While daily needs are barely taken care of, planning for the future remains at the forefront of Father Otara Hezekiah’s mind. Why does he need an orphanage? His vision is this: 

1) To care for the Lord’s abandoned children, 

2) It is an easy way to teach the Word of God; through action and education, 

3) Plant Christ in each child. Water it for growth and establish deep roots of Faith, and 

4) Motivate neighbors when they see the Light of Christ, to seek for it themselves. 

The current location is on a remote road difficult to travel. A modest plot of land has been identified in a preferable location on which dormitories, kitchen and administration can eventually be put. Since last summer, a borehole has been dug, a toilet installed and the title deed secured. 

The most important thing is to continue apace towards self-sustainment through rearing cows and selling their milk. Father Otara Hezekiah estimates a necessary monthly income of USD $1540. A single cow, at its lowest output, could provide 1800 pints of milk a month. Selling milk, fertilizer, crops and feed could provide income of USD $510 a month! This would be so very helpful. 

Father Otara Hezekia has outlined proposed costs as follows: 

Step #1: Materials and building enclosure for 2 cows USD – $348.99 

Step #2: Buying 2 cows (USD – $320/each) USD – $720.00 

Hiring a piece of land for nappier grass planting USD – $200.00 

Plowing and planting land (USD – $15/acre) USD – $215.00 

Step #3: Install electricity (security purposes) USD – $516.00 

TOTAL NEEDED: USD – $1999.00 

That is where you come in, dear Orthodox Africa Supporters! Let’s get Father Otara Hezekiah, Papadiha Irene Moraa, and the children through Steps 1 and 2 of their proposed self-sustaining goals! So many of us know the burden of providing for our loved ones, especially when times are lean. Imagine how our hands can reach across a great ocean and continent to help these beloved people of God feel the ability to take a little deeper breath of air knowing that there is a little income to feed themselves and others. 

Click here []. Donate now! And listen for the little deeper breath of air taken by Father and Papadhia when they know they and their orphanage are two steps closer to self-sustainment.