From Darkness to Light – One Stone at a Time

March 18, 2018

The parishioners at Annunciation Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island, in Uganda are blessed to have Father Christopher Walusimbi and Matushka to care, nurture and teach the Orthodox Faith to them.  They are deeply grateful, yet due to widespread poverty are unable to provide any kind of income to them.  During our Executive Director’s visit to Bukasa Island in June 2017 he wrote, “In this unforgiving land where there are no modern conveniences, for the last 32 years Orthodox faithful have built a church, one rock at a time. Even at times carrying those rocks on their – several kilometers – one rock at a time. This church has truly been built on the Rock of Christ as evidenced by the slow, painful obedience and faith that these Orthodox people and priest have shown as together they raise a great Light to dispel the dark cloud of animistic paganism.”

A boating transportation business supported the parish and family for quite a while.  It is a highly competitive business.  When Father Christopher’s boat was down without an engine and needed repairs, most of their customers went to other transportation providers.  It is a long and slow process to bring the business back to a point of providing support.

Matushka has a little shop where she sells sundry items such as her homemade cookies and some personal items.  She and Father Christopher now have 300 chickens which provide 8 trays of eggs (2 dozen each tray), which she sells in the shop.

Father Christopher’s dream is to see the parish building of Annunciation Orthodox Church be finished in his lifetime.  Many things need to happen before that dream can take on any bit of reality.  Bringing in mission workers with carpentry and stone mason skills, strong backs and hands and a willingness to travel far from home to the center of another continent is the first step to completing the dream.

That first step cannot happen until Father Christopher’s tractor is repaired.  When building supplies are brought to Bukasa Island, the tractor is used to haul the supplies from the dock to the church property.  It is used to haul around stones.  The tractor has been inoperable for about a year.

What Father Silouan said then is worth repeating now, “Let’s join these faithful people, letting them know they are not alone in their prayer and ministry on Bukasa Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda. Join me and put your hands on the lighthouse that shines a spiritual light to many generations of people who have been born under the demonic cloud of pagan darkness.”

Through your generosity, would you help get this tractor running?  Please donate to Orthodox Africa and mark your donation “Annunciation Orthodox Church.”  May your generosity be blessed!

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