2018 Wrap Up And Review

January 3, 2019

Dear Beloved Friends of Orthodox Africa,

Well, it has been quite a year at Orthodox Africa.  The year-end is a chance for us to reflect on what worked and what did not. We are very aware as a growing organization that there will be bumps as well as triumphs along the way but God will hold us steadily through it all! 

Thanks to the partnership and generosity of all who have given to Orthodox Africa in the last year alone we have been able to send over $35,000 to the missions we work with, in Kenya and Uganda! Here are just some of the amazing things God has brought to pass through your willingness to open your hands:

There were many ‘firsts’ this year in Orthodox Africa.  One of the greatest highlights for us this year was the arrival in America of Fr. Methodios Kariuki of St. Barnabas Mission in Kenya for an extended tour of speaking to our donors and informing them of the work first hand that was accomplished through their giving.  Father gave spell-binding presentations to rapt audiences from New York to Texas and answered questions from people of all ages who came to learn about what God is doing through their help with Orthodox Africa in Kenya and Uganda.

Many people were moved to partner with us for the first time and others were determined to see about even coming to visit the mission field in Africa to help with boots on the ground! We sadly bade farewell to Father Methodios at the end of his visit. He was humbled and grateful for the opportunity to visit and share about the work in Africa, but also eager to get home to his family and the children of the St. Barnabas Mission and continue the work that he and his family continue to ardently do day by day. 

St. Barnabas was able to purchase land and get a well drilled for clean water. This is yet another step closer for their plan to have a school that accepts paying students to help pay for students who cannot! We rejoice to see so many good things happening! They have also begun to build a guest house. If you want to visit in the future Fr. Methodios would be thrilled to have visitors! 

In July we reported to you that in consultation with His Grace Bishop Athanasius Akunda, a seventeen passenger van for the Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya had been ordered from Japan for their use in continuing sustainability and support of their growing missions.  They will utilize the van as a taxi service to directly generate income for their missions. They predict upwards of $500.00 to $1000.00 a month in profit after expenses: fuel, driver, and maintenance which will be able to be given directly toward those missions! 

The news from Annunciation Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island, Uganda is very exciting! Despite the many challenges they have faced, with your help well over $9500.00 was raised toward a chicken farming project that will help this mission in their quest for long-term sustainable income! 

Many of you had been using the Network for Good platform for giving that we initiated in the previous year.  We have decided to switch back to using PayPal for donations from the website as well as the Facebook Fundraisers we have continued to use. This set up currently meets our needs better. 

Donations can also be received via mail at:
Orthodox Africa
5874 Orchard Hill Ct.
 Clifton, VA 20124
United States

Please clearly mark your donation’s purpose in the memo field if writing a check or money order.  We are so grateful for your patience in this changeover!  

I mentioned earlier that the end of the year is a chance to see what has been and be grateful not just for the triumphs but those ‘bumps’ we mentioned as well. How else can we, as people of God, grow? The New Year, likewise, is our chance to look ahead: from the desires of the missions, we work with to how we hope to partner with them and make those dreams a reality as  God allows. Have you been looking to the new year ahead, dear ones? If you haven’t yet considered this year how you could directly be of service to the Lord and really  SEE the labor of your hands come to fruition would you consider continuing or beginning to partner with Orthodox Africa in prayer and financial service?
We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support and look forward to joining hands with you as we grow through bumps and triumphs.

We say Glory to God for all things!

The staff and volunteers of Orthodox Africa