St. Innocent Academy

Saint Innocent Academy is located in Kapsabet, Nandi County (Kisumu Diocese). It is run by Fr. Jonah Rotich with Julian Kiprotich as the assistant director.

They serve 146 children every day in temporary classrooms.

Currently, they are in need of renovations to their temporary classrooms and washroom facilities and the construction of permanent facilities.



Plans for the Future

St. Innocent Academy needs, in the short-term, to renovate the temporary classroom and washroom facilities currently available to the students. They are also seeking to build permanent facilities.

In the long term, the school seeks to purchase an acre of farm land on which to plant tea plants, which are growing very well in Nandi County. The cost for this, is $15,000 which covers all expenses including land and seedlings. This project is predicted to earn at least $500 per month for St. Innocent Academy when the plants are producing.


With your help, it will be possible our school will meet the standards set by the government, and our ambition towards these little innocent children. God bless you for your unceasing love.
-Fr. Jonah Rotich

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