Bishop Athanasius Secondary School

In January of 2016, His Grace, Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu and Western Kenya made a visit deep into the Nandi region to Mugen Secondary School to develop his archpastoral mission.  His Grace installed Mr. Stanley Kirui as the principal, and they began discussing the spiritual and economic issues the school was facing.

Bishop Athanasius Secondary School of Mugen serves 176 students, both boys and girls. These students primarily come from the various tribes in the region.

During his first visit in 2016, His Grace noticed that the number of students at the secondary school had increased beyond what the shared lavatory facilities could sustain, and he was able to generously support the school with enough funds to build lavatory facilities for boys and girls.

In June of 2016, His Grace blessed one of his seminarians, Mr. Julius Kiprotich to teach and help with other tasks at the school.


The school is situated in Nandi county, Aldai region, Mugen Zone in Mugen Village. It is ten kilometers from the main road of Kisumu -Eldoret.

The school is surrounded by various institutions including: Koitabut Secondary School, St.Anne’s, Kapkures, Kamimei , Kemeloi Kitaor as well as many other primary schools; health centers are also nearby the school area. These other institutions are each more than five kilometers away. It is two kilometers  away from Holy Dormintion Orthodox Church (Kipchekwen), and five kilometers away from St. Nektarios Orthodox Church (Chebugundi) and St.George Orthodox Church (Koitabut).

The Population

In 2016, the school had 75 students: 33 form one students, 19 form two students, and 23 form three students. Through good teaching and the spiritual guidance of His Grace, the population has increased to 176 current students as of May, 2017: 54 Form (Grade) One students, 51 Form (Grade) Two students, 40 Form (Grade) Three students, and 31 Form (Grade) Four students.

The school serves both completely orphaned students and single parent students. Also, the community is made up of low income residents who depend on daily chores to feed and sustain their families; this hinders the payment of school fees.

The Administration and Staff

According to Kenyan system of education, teachers are employed by the government body (T.S.C – Teachers Service Commission). Since the school is still new,  T.S.C has posted two teachers, the principal and his deputy. The remaining nine teachers plus five non-subordinate staff members are employed by the school and depend on what little funds they get from the school fees.

Our Strengths

The school is away from the main road. We have 1.1 acre of land, the electricity is available, and the school is in conducive environment free from noise pollution, set uphill. The school is accessible.

We have lavaratories for both boys and girls. We have one classroom completely finish. We have two teaching staff posted by the T.S.C body. The school is nearby the health center and the church.

Plans for the Future

  •  In the 2017-2018 academic year, we anticipate the student population to increase from 176 to 300 pupils.
  • Building four permanent classrooms
  • Building a science laboratory
  • Building a computer laboratory
  • Equipping a library
  • Building and equipping an administration block
  • Building and equipping a dining hall
  • Drilling a borehole and purchasing storage tanks for water
  • Purchasing of stationery and materials


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