Annunciation Orthodox Church

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Annunciation Orthodox Church is located on Bukasa Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda. Begun over 30 years ago, services and sacraments are offered every Saturday and Sunday. Confession is heard whenever one of the hundred parishioners seeks out the rector. The temple is built out of stone and is topped with a Russian style cupola.

Ordained in 1988 in Montreal, Canada, the priest, Father Christopher Walusimbi quickly returned to his home in Uganda to continue the missionary work begun by his brother, Gerasimos, and sister, Sarah. Father Christopher is joined by his wife, Maria, in this sacred endeavor. He is the first Black African priest ordained in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russa and is under the omophorion of Metropolitan Hilarion, first hierarch of ROCOR.

In addition to the needs of his parish and parishioners, he cares for his wife, children and orphans. Though his parishioners have never been able to afford a salary for Father Christopher, he and his family survive by growing their own food, selling what they do not use, and donations given to them. His wife, Maria, sells her delicious cookies at the local market. He also runs a boating service for public transport from the island to the mainland which is located 40 miles to the north.

Fr. Christopher Walusimbi

You can read about the history of Annunciation Orthodox Church in Tears On The Equator by Gerasimos L. Kambites, who began the mission. Proceeds of the purchase of the book go directly to support Annunciation Orthodox Church. Click on the book to purchase it.

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