The struggle is real every day

May 27, 2018

Time to go to the market.  I need eggs and fruit.

How many times do you say that in any given week?  How long does it take you to get to one?  Islanders who live on the Great Lake, Victoria, in Uganda must take a harrowing 6-hour boat ride to the mainland to do so.

In the struggle to have and develop sustainable income, Father Christopher Walusimbi, Rector of Annunciation Orthodox Church Bukasa Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda, has tried many avenues.  The most recent way was by providing transportation by boat to the mainland. When his motor was stolen by soldiers, other groups picked up the business opportunities when he was trying to pay the ransom to get the motor back.  Read the complete story here.

Several other projects continue to provide modest income.  An orange grove, over an acre large, produces oranges.  Chickens, over 300 layers and another 100 broilers provide eggs and meat to sell.  Pig farming produces pork for the local market.

By adding an acre of passion fruit to the fruit grove, 700 laying chickens and 16 pigs to the farm, this would allow Father Christopher and his family to capture the market around Bukasa Island.  It also allows people to not have to travel so far for the staples in their cupboard.  Mixed farming provides manure from the birds and animals to fertilize the gardens.  At the same time, the animals are fed from those gardens.  Some type of larger structure than what is currently in place would be built in which to keep the animals.

Orthodox Africa’s mission and goal is to help open pathways for missions to achieve self-sustainability for independence.  Many generous people have helped make a huge difference in helping the Kenyan missions take large leaps towards that goal.  Please remember Annunciation Orthodox Church in Uganda in your prayers and help them take the same leap towards the goal of self-sustainability.  Help Father Christopher continue this vital mission work by marking any donation you are led to make to Orthodox Africa with “Annunciation O.C.”  Click here.

You can also purchase a copy of Tears on the Equator: Muzungu through Amazon Smile and choose Orthodox Africa as your supported charity.  Not only will 100% of proceeds go to Annunciation Orthodox Church, Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Orthodox Africa!  A double gift!

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