The Basic Necessity of Water

June 13, 2018

Saint Irene’s Orthodox Mission Center is in the process of a borehole drilling proposal to establish clean water and a 6 meter steel elevated water tower.

Fr. Constantinos has been working diligently to initiate the project in South Kinangop, Kenya. “Over 1,200 households that suffer from a lack of clean water supply and sanitation” in the region. Due to continuous droughts and seasonal rivers, a clean water supply is desperately needed. This has had drastic effects on the Orthodox school and mission.

This is why the borehole drilling must be completed. With the recent submission of the drilling proposal, St. Irene’s is another step closer to this vital development. With the completion of this project the mission will be able to serve their children more effectively and provide the basic necessity of water. There are 160 children that are assisted by St. Irene’s Orthodox Mission. With your help we can provide much needed services that many of us in the modernized world take for granted. Please consider donating to this wonderful project with Orthodox Africa.

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