For the Sake of a Big Mac or Tall Latte

September 17, 2017

The director of St. Irene Orthodox Mission and Orphanage, Father Constantinos, was the youngest of eight children. By the time he was 12 years old his father had died leaving his widowed mother to raise her eight children alone. She was, and is, a loving Orthodox mother, who did her utmost to raise her children in the One True Faith. These circumstances brought about hardship and poverty. By the Grace of God Father Constantinos completed his secondary and tertiary education, studied at Makarios III Seminary was ordained to the Holy Priesthood. The love and passion Father Constantinos has for the children of St. Irene Orthodox Mission and Orphanage was forged in the fire of his harsh childhood.

The children of St. Irene live a life that is as harsh as Father Constantinos’ was. One quarter of the children are orphans who depend on him for everything.

Currently Father Constantinos is running the One-Dollar-A-Day-Program, which is a way to provide food, medical care, clothing and education for one child for one day. If you gave up one Starbucks Tall Café Latte (cost $3.45) one child would have all needs covered for three days! If you gave up one McDonald’s Big Mac Hamburger (cost $4.67) one child would have all needs covered for four days! The average cell phone bill is $144 per month. Imagine how many children could be cared for with that amount donated to St. Irene’s!

Please consider supporting the One-Dollar-A-Day-Program at St. Irene Orthodox Mission Mission and Orphanage.

This child says “Thank you!”


St Irene Mission Center