Progress at St. Innocent Academy

St. Innocent Academy has seen much progress in the last few weeks! Glory to God!

Through the hard work of many people, the concrete floors in the classrooms are complete.  Now the staffroom is under construction with concrete floors being laid also.

Our school students are studying hard.

From ages 2 to 5 years, children are taught the very basics; what their name is, writing numbers, how to correctly hold a pencil, learning the alphabet and the sounds associated with each letter and singing.

Children in lower elementary school, Standard 1 to 3, follow a curriculum called Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE).  They are taught the basics of how to read, write, memorize and dictation.

The Standard 4 and 5 students study the same subjects according to the Kenyan elementary schools, which includes English, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Social Studies and Kiswahili (also known as Swahili, the Bantu language, the first language of the Swahili people).

The Standard 4 and 5 students recently took their mid-term examinations, of which there were two.  Despite numerous challenges, they emerged among the best pupils in the zone.  Overall, they ranked 4th among the best schools. Everyone is very proud of them and their achievement. The teachers are happy for the good grades their pupils are getting because of their sacrifice and dedication to their studies.  They are pledging that at the end-of-term examination they will emerge the best through the prayers of the Patron Saint of our academy, Saint Innocent.

Please join us in that prayer!