Progress is Being Made

December 23, 2018

Our God is a Faithful and Loving God! Here is all that He is doing at Saint Barnabas Orphanage and School through His Grace and Mercy.

I am happy to report that the well has been drilled at our new property. Presently, it is being back-filled. We have a few of the teenaged boys working hard to level the field. I am waiting for government approval of the structural designs and environmental impact assessment.

Once that is received, we will begin to put up the buildings. It is much like our spiritual life in that we work step by step to attain our goal. Here at the new property, we are able to do so with your continued prayers and support.

Thank you all who have provided support to the family with the two severely disabled brothers. Because of that, I am able to provide them with monthly food supplies that I bring to them.

This past week, the orphanage was blessed by the kindness and charity of St. John’s Children’s Program through a donation items for the orphanage and school children. They were delivered by a missionary, Chris Peleshenko. It was a joy for me to meet him and spend some time speaking with him.

Recently there have been an additional nine families with disabled children that have come to St. Barnabas seeking assistance. Some have even joined the Orthodox community. I hope that in the future, a home can be built here specifically to serve the needs of disabled children.

Please help support children at Saint Barnabas Orphanage and School by donating through Orthodox Africa here.

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