A Nativity gift for Saint Tabitha

November 24, 2018

Since the last time we heard from Saint Tabitha’s, Father Agapios and his wife Presbytera Dora have worked tirelessly to continue serving 45 of the most destitute and most needy children in Kenya, many of whom were rescued from the largest slum in Africa.

Over the many years that they have been rescuing orphans from the slums, the biggest problem they have faced is paying the rent for the home in which the kids have lived to date, they can only accommodate 25 of the 45 while providing education, health, and food for the other 20 children.

Through some generous donations from the Romanian Orthodox Church of Northern Europe Saint Tabitha’s has been able to begin construction on a seven-room house that will allow them to provide three new bedrooms for the 15 girls that are now living with them. In addition to the three bedrooms, they will also have a common sitting room and a large dining room that will allow the Saint Tabitha’s community to enjoy their meals together as a family united in Christ.

So far they have been able to complete the foundation and walls, but now need money to finish the roof, wiring, plumbing, and painting, of the house.

We only need to raise $23,000 US dollars to finish this home. 

During this time, of year when we focus so much on family, giving and receiving, remember those whose only family is you. Your small sacrifice today will doubtless reap blessings now and in the life to come and will mean the world to the kids of Orthodox Africa.

Please mark your Christmas gift for Saint Tabitha’s.

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