A Letter from the Director of Saint Irene’s Mission Center

February 5, 2018

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for supporting St Irene Orthodox Mission Center and Orphanage and making this dream become a reality! We love you so, so much! It has always been my dream of having a permanent home for the orphans at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage. This dream has finally come true for us as an Orthodox Mission Center. As a result of your donations and prayers, we have managed to purchase 1 1/4 acres of land to build permanent dwellings to provide orphan children a permanent home.

We were able to purchase 3 acres  large enough to house all the orphans. There was enough land that the children have a large playground, and another location to build more dormitories and classrooms to house and teach the students. We look forward to purchasing the remaining 13⁄4 acres in the future.

We believe that, with your help, we can sustain and fully provide for the children. Nevertheless, We still need funds to build on this land and develop it further to raise animals and crops and to generate an income. We hope to become self-sustaining and expand our orphanage to provide for more children. We also want to offer food, shelter, education, and bring them into the fullness of a life in Christ.

Right now, we are renting month to month and it is not easy. Many times we are close to not having enough money for rent and food. I prayerfully request that you help us with this. We are always humbled by any small amount that you can spare. We do not know your situation, but we pray that God will improve your circumstances in life and that you will be blessed with the same joy that we are when we receive your gifts. Love lives in our hearts for you and we will remember to pray for you continually.

The most pressing  and essential need  for the Mission is to have access to clean drinking water. In order to do this, we need to drill a bore-hole/well on the new land for use at the orphanage. The newly bought land is a few meters away from where we are currently renting. This will make it easy for us to get water to use at the current center before we move to the newly purchased land. It will also be of great benefit to us even before we get funds to build permanent structures. Presently, due to continued dry spells in Kenya, we usually fetch water many kilometers away. The bore-hole project is an urgent one and will cost us around $20,000 to drill.

Please continue to donate here so we may be able to start on the rebuilding of St Irene’s Mission Center.

Yours In Christ,

Fr Constantinos Eliud Muthiru

Kenyan Missions, St Irene Mission Center