The Benefits of an Orthodox secondary school.

January 6, 2018

Why build an Orthodox Secondary School in the area?  What is the benefit? There are other schools available. What is the big deal?

This question arises not only in the United States, but other countries as well. Many parents and guardians see no problem with their children going to schools that have different religious teachings, or are completely secular. After all, the world in which we live is diverse. We all must learn to live together in harmony, right?

While that all may be true, the first question we must ask before any other is, What foundation do we want to lay beneath our children’s feet on which they will stand for the rest of eternity?  One that is of the One True Faith, that teaches repentance, confession and Love of all? Or one that is of this world made of sinking sand? A recent article on Pemptouisa dated 9 September 2017 provides a very clear picture of the benefits of Orthodox Christianity for our children.

“…the general climate and the promotion of degeneracy banishes the moral conscience. When children see what they see from an early age, their conscience is dulled. They cease to consider evil as evil or how evil it is. This is why, though it pains us to say so, we see that there has been an increase in criminality and especially in that associated with the taking of other people’s lives.”

The Majority of secondary schools in Kenya are sponsored by those of a Protestant, Roman Catholic or Muslim religion.  The Orthodox are a minority.

These groups use all possible means during the four (4) years of Secondary School to convert the student to their way of thinking because they believe that Orthodoxy is wrong.

One of the major ways to help children retain their faith after Secondary school is having an Orthodox school for them to attend. This is the importance of fulfilling the dream of establishing the Saint John Maximovitch Secondary School.

We can give to many worthy things in life.  As we endeavor to build up Orthodox Africa by establishing the St. John Maximovitch Secondary School in Kenya, we ask you to consider this worthy project with your support.  Please donate to Orthodox Africa by clicking here and mark your donation “St. John Maximovitch Secondary School.”

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