St Barnabas Orphanage and School

And yet, God is Faithful - September 12, 2018

Life at Saint Barnabas Orphanage and School, life continues as it does for all people in the world.  A few days ago, Father Methodios purchased seven tons of wood for fuel.  The fuel prices have been hiked by 16% at the pump. This burden has begun being passed to the consumer. Every item’s price has […]

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Stretching Our Imagination - July 5, 2018

It’s hard to believe it is the 4th of July already. Today many of us will celebrate with friends, family, food, and fireworks, enjoying the summer heat. It’s hard to imagine a distant time when the freedom we enjoy had to be fought to the death for. It can be easy to not think about […]

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WE BELIEVE IN YOU ! - April 29, 2018

For the most fortunate among us, our childhoods offered us the happiest of memories. Family, friends, traditions, and the love and laughter they provided us are a common thread connecting us. No matter where we grew up, the time passed building memories as we looked forward and dreamed of our futures. “What do you want […]

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Kids need clean water - February 18, 2018

Within the Great Rift Valley formation, about an hour’s drive South of Kenya – Father Methodius can be found caring for the children of St. Barnabas Orphanage and School. On any given day, the 175 voices fill the otherwise quiet area. Some of these children have lost one or both parents. All have been affected […]

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Land! - December 16, 2017

Every child in the world has a dream, a secret wish – to have something special, maybe a pony or a race car. Perhaps a child dreams of going to see the ocean or the desert. Many children dream of having a permanent home where food is readily available on a daily basis, where they […]

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The Sun and the Rain - November 19, 2017

The Book of Proverbs chapter 22 says, “Rich and poor have this in common: the Lord is the Maker of them all.” The sun shines and rain pours equally on our heads. We breathe the same air. These blessings are freely given to us by god and we share them without really giving much thought […]

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Joseph - October 15, 2017

We at Orthodox Africa wanted to take an inside look of the life of one orphan at St Barnabas Orphanage & School. We can only imagine the life of little Joseph before, who is now 6 years old. This young Kenyan native boy is part of a group of children who were either left on […]

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Every Penny Counts - September 10, 2017

When I see a child whose pants don’t cover thin legs & ankles, whose toes have worn through their shoes, or whose skin is chapped and dry from the cold, my heart aches. My mind turns towards a way to help. There are many charitable organizations to which a person can donate. A good question […]

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Prayer is the light of the soul - August 6, 2017

“There is nothing more worthwhile than to pray to God and to converse with him, for prayer unites us with God as His companions. As our bodily eyes are illuminated by seeing the light, so in contemplating God our soul is illuminated by Him. Of course, the prayer I have in mind is no matter […]

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