Diocese of Kisumu

Good Will Depends on You - October 26, 2018

Many of our readers may not be aware that the Bishops in Africa are just as dependent on your good will as the many missions you see us featuring and often times the Bishops who are the center of the Church are neglected and often have a very difficult time carrying out their mission which not […]

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Van Will Help Provide Support To Diocesan Missions - July 5, 2018

At Orthodox Africa, we work very hard to help our missions become self-sustaining. The Diocese of Kisumu in Western Kenya is no exception. Together the volunteers of Orthodox Africa and donors like you have come together to make the dream of self-sustainability a reality for our Orthodox Brothers and Sisters in Kenya. In 2017 our […]

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The Shepherd leads the way for his sheep - June 24, 2018

Under the Patriarchate of Alexandria and All-Africa, the Diocese of Kisumu and All Western Kenya was formed on 24th November 2015.  His Grace, Bishop Athanasios (Akunda) was ordained 6th December 2015.  The Diocese has been blessed by His Grace’s love, prayers and visitations to the 200-350 mission parishes and one orphanage under his shepherding. His […]

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