Essays Written by one of the Kibera Orphans for Saint Tabitha’s


Welcome to Kenya. It is a country known for its popular saying “KARIBU KENYA HAKUNA MATATA,” which means WELCOME TO KENYA LAND OF PEACE. It’s a country which has 47 counties and 42 tribes. These 42 tribes go through discrimination. They don’t appreciate each others’ community.

Other communities do female genital mutilation (F.G.M), which to them is growing to womanhood and without this your not considered a woman. This is very dangerous because a girl can bleed to death. She can also have problems when giving birth. These practices where practiced a long time ago before Christianity was introduced in Kenya.

What still bothers the government, church elders and the community-at-large is that there are people who still practice FGM today.

This practice is forbidden, and thus they do it in the mountains. Some of the girls are forced to be circumcised. They are deprived of their dignity and their self-esteem. They’re the talk of the town and they are usually discriminated against due to BELONGING IN THE WRONG TRIBE.

When these girls get pregnant and go to give birth in hospital, the doctors have a hard time assisting them. When they give birth they have two options:
1.To die and leave their young ones or vice versa
2.Remain the talk of many

The community itself knows it’s a crime so they do it in the shadows at the top of the mountain where no one will see them. After this the girls are married off to older men who could be their father’s age. They are deprived of their dreams and their future is wasted. They’re put at the risk of giving birth at a tender age which they might even lose their lives.

This is the painful part of “BELONGING TO THE WRONG TRIBE,” where you are forced to undergo through some rituals…where shame and regret are your shadow.


– Mary Wamboi

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As you can see in these pictures, children and families going through a tough time. Some of the families can’t even afford a meal and medical care…they live a single room which is congested.

Other children are called “CHILDREN OF A LESSER god” due to the struggles they go through. They have PAINFUL TEARS, which no one is willing to wipe. They don’t have anyone to give them a shoulder to lean on. Their futures and dreams only remain beautiful dreams – never to be achieved.

They can’t afford their school fees. Some of the children’s parent’s died during the post-election violence, others through HIV/AIDS. The children had to be adopted and others ran to the streets…KIBERA being the largest slum in Africa holds children with dreams which cannot be fulfilled without my help and your help. Don’t deny them this opportunity. Think that it was your on child who went through all this…think how it’s painful for a child less than 10 years, roaming in the streets all by himself – all the dangers surrounding the child. You’ve got all the help they need, yet your wasting the resources.

Father Agapios [Director of St. Tabitha House, an Orthodox Christian orphanage] has set an example by taking in some of the children and helping them achieve their dreams. Father Silouan is also highly appreciated for the support and encouragement he gives the young ones. If they have served as an example, why don’t you also join this journey and make a difference in these children’s lives?

Always remember that God gave you those resources for free. Why don’t you also give them freely?  [Donate here.]

– Mary Wamboi

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The rough streets of the Kibera slums still show on the faces of the kids Father Agapios and his wife Pappadia Dora have brought under their care.

Just as the Light of Illumination shines on the faces of the newly Baptized, Michelle and Raphael, so does the sun shine on the faces of the other children suggesting the promise of healing and a new hope for those who have previously known nothing but the most abject poverty and misery most of us can only begin to comprehend.

– Father Silouan

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