Immediate Needs

St. Innocent Academy provides for the education of 146 students per day, feeding them two meals each day.  The basic needs of the education center are as follows:


  • Feeding Program
    • Two meals per day for 146 students at a cost of $5 per month: $730 per month 
  • Salaries
    • 10 staff and faculty members salaries: $810 per month in total:
      • 7 teachers are paid $100 per month each: $700 per month
      • 2 cooks are paid $30 per month each: $60 per month
      • 1 security person is paid $50 per month: $50
  • Other programs
    • Due to the lack of income at the Academy, we have had to discontinue programs to provide the children with school supplies, uniforms, and transportation to and from school. We would love to be able to begin providing these services to our children again.
  • Renovations
    • Renovation of temporary classrooms and washrooms:
      • 7 classrooms for $1,000 total
      • 3 toilets at $$200 each: $600
New Construction
  • St. Innocent Academy needs to build permanent classroom structures as soon as possible.
    • 7 classrooms needed at $4,000 each: $28,000


Donate directly to St. Innocent Academy to help with their immediate needs:


Donate to Orthodox Africa to help the missions meet their long-term goals of self-sustainability: