Immediate Needs

St. Irene Orthodox Mission Center serves 96 children daily with ten caregivers on staff. Their expenses for basic care are as follows:

  • Food
    • $1 per day per child
      • $30 per child per month
      • $96 per day for the entire mission
      • $672 per week for the entire mission
      • $2880 per month for the entire mission
        • We currently serve lunch and dinner. If we are able to consistently have more funding for food, we will be able to serve more balanced meals and begin to serve breakfast as well. 
  • Clothing
    • $2 per month per child
    • $192 per month for the entire mission
  • School supplies (books and pencils)
    • $3 per child per month
    • $288 per month for the entire mission
  • Healthcare
    • $100 per month for the mission
      • This includes occasional doctor visits, medications, and first aid supplies.
  • Operating expenses
    • Rent: $1500 monthly
    • Caregiver salaries
      • $1,000. Ten caregivers each receive $100 per month.


Donate directly to St. Irene to help with their immediate needs:


Donate to Orthodox Africa to help the missions meet their long-term goals of self-sustainability: