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Currently, Saint Irene’s Orthodox mission center pays rent for the small portion of land they use.  The structures in which the children learn and live are constructed for temporary usage.  Water must be brought in.  They would like to purchase the land.  This would allow improvements to the current buildings to make them more permanent and a create an an environment better conducive to learning.
Dormitories can be built for the children to live in and a residential area for guests are included in the plans. A well can be dug to provide water!

Most importantly, it will bring about the sense of permanency, something these children do not have in their lives now.  Read about “Enlarging the Land” here.

Donate to this worthy cause and may God multiply your gift.  Mark your donation as St. Irene Enlarging the Land  [paypal_wp_button_manager id=492]


The Story

Saint Irene’s Orthodox mission center Kenya was founded in May 2010 by Fr Constantinos Muthiru and his wife Papadia Teresa.

Fr. Constantinos and his wife grew up in extreme poverty and received their educations from Orthodox sponsors. Upon graduation from school, they both decided to give back to society by taking care of the needy.

Saint Irene’s mission started in a rented room that served as both a church and a catechetical classroom. Papadia Teresa was instrumental during the formative years of the mission center, during which time Fr. Constantinos was a  student at the Makarios III Seminary in Nairobi. It was during these first three years that St. Irene Mission Center developed into what it is today.

Saint Irene’s Orthodox Mission now assists 96 vulnerable children suffering from spiritua

l, economic, social and physical poverty. Some live with sick parents and elderly guardians who are physically and sexually abusive, while others are entirely dependent and live with caregivers employed by the mission.

Services provided are food, clothing, shelter, child care, education, health care, catechism, and spiritual guidance.



Plans for the Future

The first steps for self-reliance and sustainability for St. Irene Mission Center involve purchasing land and building permanent structures for the center. They aim to build an Orthodox community centered around the continued treatment of people’s physical and spiritual maladies.


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Please visit their website for more information about this mission and to donate towards their immediate needs.

You may also donate directly to St. Irene here.  Donate Now



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