Dedication of Saint Tabitha’s Mission

At the end of July 2016 our director, Father Silouan, had the privilege of serving with Father Agapios, a full time native missionary in Kenya who primarily serves destitute orphans from the Kibera Slums outside of Nairobi.

During his visit, we joyfully enlisted many new Christian warriors into the Orthodox Church through the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Chrismation.

At the same time, we formally and prayerfully dedicated Saint Tabitha House to the mission of assisting as many orphans as possible escape from the destitution of life in the slums.

While the actual services took well over five hours, one of our volunteers has created this beautiful ten-minute summary video so that all of our faithful supporters can enjoy a small taste of this great joy.

Great Blessings for St. Irene’s Orthodox Mission Center

Dear friends of Orthodox Africa,

It is with joy and thanksgiving that we announce that a major need for transportation has been filled by the grace of God’s compassion. Through the help of your kind donations,  Fr. Constantinos Muthiru of St. Irene Orthodox Mission Center, reports he has been able to move forward with the purchase of a van to use as a mission vehicle! It took much time and effort in prayer and in saving money, but the children will now be able to be taken to hospital when they are sick and to have safe transportation to and from school and church.

Mobility can be a daunting prospect from day to day for the many children benefiting from the existence of these missions. A reliable vehicle is an enormous blessing to the large spiritual family served by St. Irene Mission Center!  We are extremely grateful for all of you who donate, pray, and volunteer with us at Orthodox Africa, and we look forward to continuing to participate with God in the working of His will in all our lives through laboring together!

With our sincere gratitude and love in Christ,
The Team at Orthodox Africa